Welcome to our world

Hello, we are Sowire Media Factory, a Communication Agency specialized in offering Creative Digital Marketing services and appropriate Technology to make companies more competitive.


Here at Sowire Media we believe that everything is possible and there are no limits to what can be achieved with the Strategic and Creative thinking combined with Technology.
We do not believe in standard solutions applicable to all customers but we believe in finding the right solution to meet the needs of each individual company.
At Sowire Media we imagine future scenarios not only because we like to do it, but mainly because it is necessary to make companies successful in the current market.
At Sowire Media we love our customers and we are not scared of long-term relationships.


Sowire Media Factory has a big goal: to develop our customers’ business and make them more competitive in a complex, international and multi-channel market.
Each of our projects begins with the definition of the most effective way to move inside this context and achieve the targets set.
We call it Strategy.


Now it is clear: we live in a world in which the technology is the backbone that influences the way we live and the way you do business at all levels.
Today everyone knows that social networks, websites, e-commerce, are key tools to your company but have you ever tried to imagine how drones, big data, internet of things, virtual reality and cognitive computing can make you more competitive?
We are already doing it.


Creativity is a way of seeing things from a different perspective, a key to open new doors, a wire that connects ideas in order to produce new and useful connections.

For Sowire Factory Media creativity is the soul of each project.
In this way we develop unexpected solutions that differentiate your business, giving it character and making it human.
If you believe there is a soul in everything, then you are our best customers.


Sowire Media Factory creates human relationships between the brand and its customers.
In these relationships, both parties will take active part building a meaningful dialogue, which does not go unnoticed, but that amazes and fascinates.
A dialogue that we build through the union of Strategy, Technology and Creativity.
A dialogue made of Emotions.

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