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Meta avatar Lucio Patone in Web Tech   30 August 2017

Taking CMS into a Headless State

With WordPress enabling 28% of existing websites on the Internet, it cannot be disputed that it is a powerful tool for CMS development. Though it might be the easiest way to create beautiful and functional websites, not everything can be done with WordPress because of its inherent limitations. Just like any other system, it has […]

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Meta avatar Lucio Patone in Pensare   22 July 2015

If you can’t write a good content, maybe depends on the UX you’re using.

Once a laptop was nothing more than an advance typewriter.

After 20 years, the difficulty is to eliminate all the laptop’s capabilities and make it, again, nothing more than an advance typewriter. The true difficulty about writing is to begin.   Everybody agree about it. It is the fear of a blank paper, and while I’m writing this article, the paper is just a white […]